Celebrate Romania`s National Day with a traditional menu and enjoy the real taste of the Romanian cuisine! Cabbage rolls with polenta, smoked pork shank with beans, papanasi, mulled tuica and many other delicious traditional dishes will create a bountiful feast and a wonderful celebration. What better place than Stejarii Pool Club | Gourmet Restaurant to bring altogether friends and family?


Peasant’s Platter (42 lei)
Pork cracklings, smoked lard, cheese cream, red onion, cherry tomatoes, zacusca, babic
Tripe Soup (22 lei)
Smoked Pork Hock with Beans (49 lei)
Romanian Cabbage Rolls with Polenta (49 lei)
Mix Grill (59 lei)
Sheep pastrami, spicy sausages, chicken drumsticks, new potatoes, pickles
Papanasi (31 lei)
Mulled Tuica (18 lei)
Mulled wine (26 lei)

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