Near Bucharest, Stejarii Pool Club restaurant promises an excellent gourmet experience and welcomes you with a pleasant ambience, delivering a stunning view over the oak forest. The restaurant is located near the Baneasa neighborhood and delights with a select, airy and relaxing atmosphere. The unique and inviting design, defined by one of London’s most famous architectural studios, offers one of the best fine dining restaurants in Bucharest. Due to its seclusive and intimate location, Stejarii Pool Club restaurant offers a world away from the city bustle, but a rich one in surprising sensory experiences.
Once in a while, their team of experienced chefs is adding seasonal dishes to the menu both from traditional and international cuisine, and their meticulous attention to details is an authentic statement for an unforgettable culinary experience. The innovative menu of Stejarii Pool Club restaurant in Bucharest has pasta, salads, a daily selection of fresh fish and many delicious dishes predominant in the international culinary landscape.
An exquisite cold appetizer is the delicious crab salad served on a coriander-flavored avocado bed along with exotic Catalan vegetables bathed in bagna cĂ uda. For the main course, don’t miss the sirloin steak cooked with truffles, Parma ham and Marsala sauce, a truly delicious specialty.
For fish lovers, choose a juicy dish that will draw your attention – salmon with oranges and vegetables cooked in Asian style, served alongside a delicious Mediterranean sauce. Finish the evening with one of the most delicious desserts offered by the Stejarii Pool Club restaurant in Bucharest, such as a refreshing spoil of basil ice cream with mascarpone cake.
The wine menu includes a wide range of first-class local and international varieties belonging to famous vineyards.
Near Bucharest, Stejarii Pool Club restaurant captivates its guests with a unique view and offers them the privilege to spoil themselves with delicious dishes. The terrace is a real treat in the warm months of the year where you can enjoy special moments in privacy.