A new philosophy of taste

Somewhere near Bucharest there is a world away from Bucharest. Here, beyond the jam of the city and surrounded by nature there is Stejarii Pool Club.

With a unique and welcoming design, Stejarii Pool Club is the perfect place to escape into an oasis of tranquility and relaxation. Here, the city unfolds following other rules and a different philosophy. It is a place of contrast, the ones that give life a richness of sensations you cannot have in any other place in Bucharest.

Here, the dense oak tree forest meets modern space, modeled by one of the most renowned interior design studios in London. Here, every day we celebrate luxury. But also the beauty of simplicity in everything surrounding us.

Here, we believe a menu is not only a menu. But a collision of tastes, ideas, techniques, and stories. Here, we appreciate complex tastes, but we do not forget that good food can only be created using real and natural ingredients, carefully selected from all over the world.

The dishes combine in an eclectic menu that redefines gourmet food in Romania. From exotic savors to classical French dishes or American steaks, provided during serving hours or during the special events, there is a dish for every occasion or moment of the day.

It is more than a simple destination. It is a journey through surprising sensations and the refined pleasures of life, specially created for those who know to taste them.